Profiling and playing multiple sub genre’s of EDM.  From Ibiza back in the 1990’s through to the very latest music coming through from some of the very best DJ’s and Producers in the dance industry.
Information about up and coming Gigs, PA’s.  I would like to engage and get some local DJ’s to doal in, to tell me what they are doing this weekend etc.
I would also like to go live in the mix for 30 mins or so, play some good tunes and get people in the mood.


I have been DJing sine the 1980’s when I made my debut at the Palace in Blackpool at the tender age of 16.  I have grown up behind the decks ever since.  I have been lucky enough to play some of the biggest clubs in some amazing places.
I tried to retire 3 years ago, but I cant do it, the passion for music and the passion to perform will not leave me.  So I’m not far off 35 years behind the turn tables and still going strong.
I’m Sassy, Fiesty and like to take my listers on a journey through the amazing world of dance music. To learn, to educate, to party and to enjoy.