The show will explore the make-up of the human being as a triune being i.e. body, soul & spirit. Through discussing life principles including Faith & Spirituality, we aim to expand our conscious awareness and how we can apply the principles in our lives.
The show is designed to be:
  • Simple & Practical: Taking complex ideas and simplifying them to impart understanding. Complexity is the enemy of execution; I will aspire to give practical applications to the ideas.
  • Challenging & Supporting: Since growth lies on the edge of challenges, I aim to explore areas that will cause you to think and open up to growth in a supportive way
  • Encouraging & Interactive: We are more likely to take positive action if we feel understood. The show will endeavour to end on an encouraging note.
The show will have featured guests and will have a Q&A session at the end.


I was born in Kenya, [arguably the most beautiful country in the world and the cradle of human beings… I wish to believe that the Garden of Eden was partially in Kenya.]
I emigrated to UK in 2000 and have been here since. I am happily married to the MOST BEAUTIFUL & INTELLIGENT woman in my world. We have 4 children [a Prince & 3 Princesses].
Although I was born in a Christian home, I never really understood why that was important. When I came to UK, I struggled with mental health issues and I reverted to one of the things I learnt from my grandmother, PRAYER.
I can vividly remember coming home one day and told my wife that I am now a converted Christian and will no longer be the same man again. Although she gave me space, she challenged me with difficult questions including why I think Jesus is the ONLY way.
Although I perceived the challenging questions as persecution, after all I was a ‘baby’ Christian, I started researching the differences in other religious/faith systems and I was amazed at my discovery. Many people say that most faiths are fundamentally similar but differ superficially. But on the contrary I discovered that they actually are fundamentally different and superficially similar if at all and Christianity is Different in EVERY way.
Over the past 15 years, I have been involved in various businesses, trained hundreds of people gain life skills and basic business skills. I am currently taking a BEd degree in the University of Hertfordshire and I continue to pursue my real passion to empower and equip individuals leave more fulfilled lives through my Success Mindset coaching & workshops.