Slavas & Trev Pick & Mix Live Wednesday drive time 16:00 – 18:00 and repeated on Saturdays 11:00 - 13:00

Bringing you a pick and mix of music across the genres and eras. With guests joining Slava and Trev to talk about their music, new songs, charity, events, businesses and more. All this mixed with some local or topical news and events. Contact Slava on slava@sg1radio.co.uk if you would like an opportunity to have your request or special events mentioned on the show.
Slava has lived in Stevenage since 1982, originating from NW London and has been presenting and helping behind the scenes at SG1 Radio since 2014. Slava has been involved in directing, producing and performing in many theatre and variety shows over the years and has a great love for all sorts of musical genres. She is also a keen Photographer.
Trev joined SG1 Radio appearing first with Slava in September 2017. He originally hails from Bedford but now spends over half of his week in Stevenage! Trained as an electrical engineer in the air force he now works as a machine maintenance engineer. When not having fun causing mayhem on the show he enjoys photography and airiel photography by flying his drone as a registered drone pilot.