Live, Camera, action! Blockbuster is here to bring cinematic relief to the busy and boring, projecting the showbiz glitz of Hollywood onto Stevenage, with silver and small screen hits to get you moving more than a motion picture. The show features fun opportunities for listeners to get involved and celebrate local heroes for their efforts in the community. Still not V.I.P enough for you? We will be packing this show with exclusive special features, straight from the scene- especially for listeners!


Hextall…Will Hextall

Born and raised in Stevenage, Will takes pride in his creative ambition, as an actor, singer, director and now- Radio presenter! He has starred in plays: ‘Punk Rock’, ‘Antigone’ and enjoyed a successful run with ‘Downton Shabby’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Will is fanatical about Film, Television & Theatre, aspiring to